Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait. That is what my dad preached to me when I was 23, married and living paycheck to paycheck working for COIT cleaning carpets and taking college classes at night in Sonoma County. And a baby on the way. Clearly, I hadn't explained my dire financial situation in detail to him. But the seed was planted. Within a year we were clear of debt and had saved enough for a small down payment. Within 18 months we bought our first house. And as my dad put it, "If you don't make enough to set aside each month 10% of your income for retirement, then just make your house payment (as a homeowner) and with each payment you'll make a silent deposit in a ‘savings account' called equity." I was going to make 360 house payments to someone over the next 30 years, so why not make each payment to help my family. Good advice should be shared.

For the past 25 years as a mortgage advisor I've shared financial strategies for my clients on how to get out of debt, save money and use different loan products to create housing wealth. Today, after 40 years of simply making house payments to ourselves we've built a sizeable 7-figure equity position, which is very much a significant part of our future retirement.

So yeah, I'm enthusiastic and a big believer in owning real estate.

Aligning with Cascade Lending Group provides me with multiple lending sources and a seasoned team to assist my clients with buying, refinancing options at the best interest rates. Let's start working together to help you start or continue your journey of growing your housing wealth. And I think you'll like my pricing too.