Originally from Pearl City, Hawaii. Jeff enlisted in the US Marine Corps, serving his country honorably for 6 years. After leaving the Marine Corps, Jeff pursued a career in Real Estate and Finance. Working as a Mortgage Broker in the Seattle area for 4 years before opening branch offices in Scottsdale, AZ. and Las Vegas, NV. *Jeff’s extensive financial background and leadership skills were taken to another level when he decided to step away from the financing world and pursue a new career in the hospitality business, opening 2 restaurants and franchising the restaurant concept throughout the United States. *

Once again, the financial world came calling and Jeff came back to his career roots. Now working with his former business partners at Cascade Lending Group, Jeff has dedicated himself to ensuring the same level and expertise that he has always exuded for his clients in making sure they receive the best advice and customer service possible.

Now living in Sacramento, California with his wife Lydia and 2 beautiful daughters, family time is the most important job Jeff has today.